Important Notice : We have received information that many many fake organizations in the same name of VACC are active in the country. The member of those fake organizations are being misled by the name of VACC. You are requested to avoid such misleading people and organizations and if any person tells himself as an official of VACC, then first of all check his verification by going to the officer verification on our website from his UID and registered mobile number. If you become a victim of any type of fraud by an unauthorized person then VACC headquarters will not be responsible.+91 99582-04300

Officer Verification

VACC is a National Base Non Government Organization, Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 . The Registration No is 171/IV/2019

VACC is Anti-Crime workers Organization who are devoted or dedicated to do Something respected work for their own Country to make Crime and Corruption free platform for the Coming Generation in the future. VACC working against all type of Crime and Corruption to make our Society Care free and safe, VACC do effectively work for gender Inequalities exploitation’s and injustice encore age assist talented artists, poets, singers, writers, Social workers, Anti-Corruption workers, Anti-Crime workers, Journalists, Doctors, Judges etc.

VACC Provide Information to honorable president, prime minister, Home minister, chief minister, chief Justice, Lok Sabha President, Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Department, Vigilance Department, Crime Branch C.B.I. Raw, I.B, C.I.D, Print Media, Electronic Media, Senior Journalist, Police and its Administration etc.

VACC Inculcate the Investigators of our Country the Spirit of Lawman ship, the Solidarity, the Honesty the Sincerity and the in the Interest of their Profession.

VACC take urgent step & Investigation for Crime Corruption, Human Right Protection, Child, Lalr, woman Protection, Bonded labor all Illegal works under Indian Penal Act.

VACC proved Secrete Informants for fake Currency, Narcotics, Drugs, Antics, Illegal, Post Tickets, Stamp Paper and Illegal weapons to C.B.I, Vigilance, Crime Branch. Home Ministry, Ministry of Defence, State & Central Government, Local Police and its Administration Officers.

Our mobilize the Members to Share their hands in Solving Problems of Victims of Injustice and Public in General.

VACC is a Purely Non-Communal, Non-Political, association of members formed in order to create Consciousness, the spirit of Social services without only restrictions of religion caste or creed.